Stonehenge – Sun and Shadows

Summer solstice – occurring on June 20 this year – is a special day at Stonehenge, which is a World Heritage listed prehistoric site located in Wiltshire, England. The bluestone and sarsen stones, quarried in southern Wales and a more local site, were erected in several stages, beginning around 3000 BC. The stones are aligned at a specific angle that permits the rising sun’s rays to shine into the centre of the monument on one morning of the year – the summer solstice.

The following images were shot on a frosty morning in late April this year. The sky was crystal clear, enabling the full effects of the sun and shadows on the Salisbury Plain.

stonehenge circle sun 1 cw
Stonehenge circle sunlight 1
stonehenge circle sun 2 cw
Stonehenge circle sunlight 2
stonehenge circle sun 3 cw
Stonehenge circle sunlight 3
stone and sky 1 cw
good morning sunshine
stonehenge circle shadow 1 cw
Stonehenge circle shadow 1
stonehenge circle shadow 2 cw
Stonehenge circle shadow 2

The People of Weald & Downland

This post is dedicated to the people of the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. Many volunteers contribute to the ongoing success of the museum, demonstrating peoples’ daily lives in earlier times. There were many opportunities to catch people in action – as well as one mannequin.

the baker cw
The Baker
the blacksmith cw
The Blacksmith
the greeter cw
The Greeter
the dummy in the woodworking workshop cw
The Woodworker
the wool carder cw
The Wool Carder
visitors cw
Long-haired and Short-haired Visitors