Doors of the UK – Part 3

I have been diving deep into my archives to find a few more doors to post to share with the followers of Norm’s Thursday Doors. I managed to find some “old” doors from previous walking tours of the UK.

All of these doors were found in farms in various locations in England – Cumbria, Yorkshire and the Cotswolds. It is amazing how resilient the old wooden doors seem to be.

double door in archway cw
arch with double doors
door in archway cw
arch with single door
tithe barn cw
old tithe barn door

Small Buildings – Series 1

Each of these buildings has its own individual personalty.

The Barclay and Company Building is shaped like a cube, located on a corner lot, with a single arched opening on the two street facades. I love the juxtaposition of the sole red garbage container, basking in the morning sun.

L’Auberge Ravoux is best known as the last home of Vincent van Gogh. Room 5 in the attic was his final abode. This building is also known as the House of van Gogh.

The farm house in the mist is located near Tarn Hows, which is a short walk from Hawkshead, Cumbia. The image is processed with a soft and hazy filter to help express the mood.

Barclay and Co 16x16
Barclay and Company, Penzance, Cornwall
Auberge ravoux 16x16
L’Auberge Ravoux, Auvers-sur-Oise, France
farmhouse in the mist 16x16
Farmhouse in the mist, Tarn Hows, Cumbria

Small Structures

Here are a few examples of small structures that I have photographed and want to issue as a series of prints. Each image is framed in a white border to isolate the subject.

Yorkshire dales farm structures
Yorkshire dales barn
closed for the season
the Beaches lifeguard station